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Ombrocessing is a graphic design workshop mixing generative design, ombrocinema technique and silkscreen. It is conducted jointly by Émeline Vivier of Atelier SerreJoint and Julien Gachadoat of Studio 2Roqs with the 10 students of the Master Design Interactive at ECV Bordeaux. A first workshop was held from April 5th to April 13th, 2018 with the 5th year students who were invited to produce a micro-edition of 20 silkscreened booklets regrouping abstract animations generated by code with the environment Processing.

Ombrocessing 1 Ombrocessing 2 Ombrocessing 3 Ombrocessing 4 Ombrocessing 5 Ombrocessing 6 Ombrocessing 7 Ombrocessing 8 Ombrocessing 9 Ombrocessing 10