Heya ! I am Robin FAU, (Web)Designer and Artistic Director

Don't hesitate to contact me for any mission.


Who, what, why design ?

Creative, I studied in Bordeaux, ECV Aquitaine (School of Visual Communication) in Design section (No Shit) specialized in Interactive Design.

It's from this same school that I received the diploma of Artistic Director specialized in Interactive Design mention "Bien".

I am able to design your ideas and make them live. The attention to detail will make the difference between a good job, and a VERY good job.

I am comfortable in the two fields of visual communication: "digital" and "print". One does not work without the other.

That's how I became an Artistic Director and (Web) Designer (Winky Face, as Ana Song said)

The challenge doesn't scare me and I am ready to fight. My main goal is to do what I love with the maximum of pleasure possible!

I LOVE geek culture ... I'm born in it, I've been fashioned by it.

Video games, comics, series, cinema, music ... Everything goes!

Ok, geek, and what else ?

EWell, I had my scientific "BAC" mention "bien", with a mathematical option! ..

Which has nothing to do with my studies when you think about it.

After a completely different choice of orientation, I decided to go into design. But I was able to gain experience in other areas.

I have a better approach to projects that I am entrusted. I can better conceptualize, manage and imagine them. And even, develop a prototype if needed.

With all this, I also play music: drums, guitar, bass, ... And I play video games. (Blizzard for ever)

Anyway, you'll find everything on my Curriculum vitæ